Welcome to our new blog!!

So first the FB page, and now we have an official blog!  If you have noticed a few changes in our site, that is thanks to Jeff Weese at Joslex Design (www.joslex.com) – he has taken our award-winning design that looked great, but was not editable and reformatted the site so we can keep it fresh and current – as well as add some cool new features we have been dying to include – like our “Service Request Form“.  And now we officially launch our blog – have some great topics in mind – info on getting your boat ready, spring cleaning tips, cleaning products, cleaning solutions, etc. Our goal is to make this a very informative site for our customers and give you information to make keeping your life “clean” as painless as possible.

As much as we would all love to have daily maid service, for most of us, that is only a dream. So while SCHUMANS can make your life easier by taking care of the bulk of your cleaning, we know that keeping it clean in between our visits is something we could all use a little help with. And I will confess a little secret – I hate to clean. Now that is just me – thankfully God sent me a wonderful husband who not only enjoys cleaning, but has a passion for it. Seriously. Heath is the only person I know who looks forward to cleaning his garage (spent all day yesterday on that). By the time he finished, it was cleaner than most people’s kitchens!! That is just want he does – and explains why no other competitor matches us in quality and attention to detail.

But back to me – I really do like a clean house. And I love when our boat is spotless. But we have two dogs, two kids, lots of their friends, and I have a background in infection control and food service -so I know why things should be clean -I just don’t like to DO the cleaning. That is why opposites attract and we make a great team. Since I really don’t enjoy cleaning and he LOVES a clean house and the owners are like the shoemaker’s kids (you’d think a perk would be regular cleaning – not), I am always looking for new products that 1) make cleaning easier and 2) are quick and even fun to use. Why fun? With anything, if it is fun, you are more likely to do it. Cleaning is no different. And I am a sucker for all new cleaning gadgets – if it promises to make my cleaning easier, I try it.

So I do plan to use this blog to review new products as I try them – and let our customers know which are worth it and which to skip. One area I also want to focus on is green cleaning. It is a commitment SCHUMANs is making in all our divisions – its just healthier for everyone – our customers, our staff, pets, and the environment. We have found some excellent products and cleaning methods that work even better than some of the harsh, toxic ones. I’ll share those as well. Looking forward to these topics as well as sharing much of the experience and helpful solutions we have learned throughout our daughter’s battles with allergies. We are officially blogging now…..