About Schuman

At Schuman, we deliver the kind of clean that you can really believe in. We deliver a clean, orderly, and healthy commercial environment.   Carefully detail the exterior and  interior of your boat or yacht.  And keep your home safe and organized for you, your family, and your guests.   All by using earth-friendly, customer-friendly cleaning solutions.

What started as summer business in 1985 has grown to successful, family run company that provides professional cleaning services across a spectrum of clients.  Many of our clients utilize all our services between their personal property and business properties and enjoy the ease of just one company that can handle it all.  And do it well.

So from deep down cleaning to detailed maintenance and post-construction clean up we do it all. We do it all safely. And we do it all so you don’t have to.

Mission Statement

It is our passion, our profession, and our mission to deliver the kind of clean that  you can be proud of.  Whether in your home, your boat, your business, or your construction project, we can help you make the best first impression.   So when you need to put your mind at ease, simply think Schuman.

About Going Green

At Schuman, being environmentally conscious or “green” isn’t new to us. For years, we have delivered earth-friendly and customer-friendly cleaning solutions to all our clients because we care about the health of our clients, our staff, and our environment.

Sometimes we get comments that a home or office doesn’t smell “clean,” because the strong, perfume-y or bleach smell is absent. But those odors, as well as the chemical used, are both harmful and irritating to humans, pets, and our environment. We feel we offer the best of both worlds—safe products that clean very well. And we are constantly evaluating them and trying newer ones to make sure we are using the absolute top products.

"Sometimes it's the little things..."

I meant to email you last week to tell you how pleased I was with the job your cleaners did. I’m very happy and only wish it was in my budget to do every week! My son was thrilled to see how they made his bed and already asked about when they will be coming back. I was thrilled to see they wiped my plant leaves in my bathroom. Sometimes it’s the little things, you know? Anyway, just wanted to say how happy I was

- Christine Brown