Boat Yacht Detailing

Summer is short. Weekends are shorter. Enjoy the time on your boat!

We have been providing top-of-the-line, comprehensive boat and yacht detailing and shrink wrapping services since 1985. So whether it’s as simple as a wash and wax, or as in-depth as fiberglass repair services and teak maintenance, you can be assured that we have the experience and professionalism to detail every inch of your boat or yacht.  Your investment is protected and you don’t have to spend your valuable free time working.


Boat & Yacht Detailing


Boat & Yacht Detailing


Good Shrinkwrapping is truly a work of art


Boat & Yacht Detailing


Schuman has been maintaining my boat for over a decade and I couldn’t be more satisfied. My regular boat wash, wax, and shrink wrap service has kept our boat in immaculate condition. In fact, while our boat is 17 years old, most people think it’s a fairly new boat. That’s a credit to the excellent crews at Schuman.

- Todd

Yesterday afternoon was the first time I've seen my boat since February. I am so used to paying for any kind of service only to find myself thoroughly disappointed that the people I paid to do something truly didn't give a crap about anything other than my dollars. 

But your people continue to be the exception to that norm. You did an awesome job on what I paid for you to do, but beyond that, everything appears to have been done with the kind of care and attention I would have done myself.

Simply, thank you.

- Mike Edick