Pre-Spring Boat Update

We are all just chomping at the bit for Spring, warm temps, and sunshine to get here.  But while we are waiting, we have a few things to keep in mind while your boat is still covered and/or up on land:

  • We are making our monthly rounds to check on all of our shrink wrapped boats, ensuring that everything is holding up through the winter. If you notice a problem, please call us right away.  We have had and may still get some high winds.
  • Bilge and Engine Room Detailing –  While your boat is sitting under shrink wrap, let us take care of your Engine Room and Bilge area.  If your shrink wrap has an access door we can give you an estimate on getting the bilge and engine room clean. This is a great maintenance area to get taken care of before the Spring rush.
  • Be sure to check for leaks—Even though your boat is wrapped for the winter, be sure to check on it from time to time to make sure there aren’t any leaks.  The shrink wrap protects your boat from the elements, but from time to time water can still find a way to leak into your boat.  Water leaks can cause interior damage and staining.  Beyond just the visual nuisance of water leaks, long term leaks can lead to mildew and poor air quality in your boat.  Take the time this winter to check on your boat, so you are ahead of the game in the spring.    This is even more important if you did not wrap your boat this year.
  • If your boat is up on land, it is cheaper for you, easier for us, and better for the environment if we detail your boat as well as any other necessary work before you launch.  Talk with Brad or Beth about scheduling.
  • Renewal contracts are on their way!  Call us if you have not received yours in the next week or so.

Ok – now grab a Key West Ale or margarita and start preparing for a great Spring Season!!