Coronavirus Update

Update: March 2021

As we approach the one year mark of dealing with this unprecedented event, we continue to remain just as diligent as we have since the beginning. Professional cleaning and disinfection is our specialty.

Even before the pandemic, we already cleaned to prevent viruses from spreading.  Very little had to be implemented to deal with COVID aside from masking and strict attention to the symptoms and status of our employees.

Thankfully our staff face a very low risk of becoming infected while at work or of spreading COVID should they unknowingly be carrying it.  The bulk of our staff work in facilities that are unoccupied while they are there so we have been able to maintain our schedules.  Our staff and supervisors are already trained (and certified in many cases) in proper cleaning protocols required by medical centers so very little has had to change in our methods.

At this time, our staff are still considered essential as they are servicing other essential businesses, daycare (for essential personnel) and medical offices and high-risk centers (cancer, dialysis, surgical, urology, etc).  We also have some specialty home cleaning for high-risk individuals who may have had exposures.   We have resumed all cleaning services across our divisions with no limitations or restrictions.

We are following all the CDC guidelines including:

  • Hospital grade cleaning and disinfecting products used in all locations.
  • Frequent review of proper cleaning protocols
  • Reviewing proper handwashing
  • Reminders to wash hands frequently even with the use of hand sanitizers
  • Personal hand sanitizers provided to all employees (we ordered just prior to the mad rush on them)
  • Reminders to change gloves frequently and wash hands in between glove changes.
  • Disinfecting wipes provided so vans can be sanitized throughout the shift between buildings.
  • Facemasks are worn by all cleaning staff members.
  • We continue to stress distancing between staff and hand washing
  • All staff are instructed to stay home if not feeling well or if someone in their home is not feeling well.  They are to report any symptoms to their supervisor/Managers.
  • Increased usage of disinfecting products on all surfaces, not just frequent-touch points.
  • Reminder education of the above (in English and Spanish) texted to all employee phones.

We care about our clients’ well being but our first and foremost priority is to the safety of our staff.  As a Company, we do not require any staff member to report, especially if they or someone in their family have underlying medical issues.  Employees are welcome to use any PTO time they have saved or take unpaid leave. This policy may create some scheduling difficulties and we hope our clients are understanding and patient as we are shuffling our crews and assignments frequently.

At the request of several clients, our Division Manager, Jay Barrare, has completed the extensive certification process to be designated a Disinfection Specialist.

We will continue to update as this dynamic situation evolves.  Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our procedures and safety processes.